PetroPhoenix’s centers offer “Ready to Use Facilities” consisting of necessary office space and infrastructure such as PCs on LAN, e-mail, communication facilities like Internet and connectivity to customer’s networks etc. This allows our employees to work on various projects for our global customers. The “Ready to Use Facility” allows customer projects to be planned and initiated within a very short time frame. PetroPhoenix has installed necessary backup systems like Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems, backup computers to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

Training :
PetroPhoenix has in-house technical training facilities with LCD Projector. These facilities are used for project specific training of our employees.

Development Environment :
PetroPhoenix can support our clients on a variety of computer platforms, operating systems and computing environments interconnected in a LAN environment. Each machine can be interconnected using NetWare or TCP/IP over Ethernet. This local network can further connect via satellite link or leased lines to our customer locations.

Connectivity :
Petrophoenix has a 2 MB and a 512 KBPS lines for global connectivity which can be used as the communication facility for data transfer with our client locations.

Petrophoenix has plans to set up a secure Multi-protocol Network (MPN) facility which supports TCP/IP and SNA, which would allow it to access machines connected to the MPN network. This facility allows remote login and the use of FTP services on customer designated machines if need arises.