• Structural Analysis  and Design Drawings / 3D Modeling
  • Design Basis, Specifications, Weight Control Reports, Bulk MTO
  • Miscellaneous Structural Design
  • Site survey and Re-assessment of structures
Fixed Structures – Jacket Design
  • In-Service Analysis
    In-place analysis, Seismic  Analysis, Fatigue  Analysis, Ship Impact Analysis

  • Pre Service Analysis
    Loadout  Analysis, Tow Analysis, Launch/Lift Analysis, Floatation Analysis, Up-ending Analysis

  • Miscellaneous Design
    Jacket appurtenances, Riser clamps, Cathodic protection, Vortex shedding, Wave slam, Padeye/Trunnions, Connections, Sea fasteners
Fixed/Floating Structures – Deck/Module Design
  • In-Service Analysis
    In-place Analysis, Seismic Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Equipment Skid Design, Modular Support Frame, Helideck design

  • In-Service Analysis
    – Loadout Analysis, Tow Analysis, Offshore lift analysis

  • Miscellaneous Design
    Equipment/Pipe support, Access platforms, Vortex shedding, Padeye/Trunnions, Connections, Dropped Object Protection structures
Foundation Design
  • Foundation Design
  • On-bottom Stability, Mudmat Analysis, Design of Anchor Piles, Drilled & Grouted Piles
  • Miscellaneous Structural Design


Piperacks and Compressor Buildings Foundations and Structure Modular Support Frame Design